Personal Share Draft

Our share draft accounts are similar to a traditional checking account. No minimum balance required. This is a non-dividend bearing account.


  • Web Banking – Anywhere you have access to the internet, you have access to your account. With web banking you can check your balance, transfer funds, apply for loans, and more from the convenience of your computer.

  • Direct Deposit – Tired of having to cash your paycheck every time you get paid? With Direct Deposit you get your paycheck deposited right into your checking or savings account.

  • Debit Cards – When you open your new account, you can apply for a debit card with no monthly fees. With unlimited number of purchases or withdrawals*.

  • Free Account Transfers – We don’t charge you for the simple things. When you transfer money between your checking account and savings account we don’t charge you a dime.

  • Monthly Statements – You have the option of monthly statements mailed to your home or e-statements through web banking.**

  • Youth Draft Accounts - Parental supervision required under the age of 18. Youths may apply for a debit card with parental consent. A great way to teach financial responsibilities.

  • Duplicate Checks

  • Overdraft Protection – Up to $100.00


  • No minimum balance

  • No monthly service fee

  • No per check charge

  • Unlimited check writing*

  • Unlimited debit card purchases and withdraws**

**Must Apply for Debit Card
**You will receive monthly paper statements ($2 fee) or you can sign up for e-statement (free) or fill out an opt-out form for no statements
*Money must be in the account to write checks or for debit card usage

Teen Share Draft

Learning to manage a checking account is an essential skill your teen will need as an adult. With our Teen Club we get your teen started on the right track with their own checking account. Teen Checking gives your teen some responsibility while teaching them important skills they will need as an adult. They can learn to balance a checking account, budget their money and many other life skills.

  • For ages 14-18

  • Debit Card

  • Web Banking

  • Monthly Statements*

  • Direct Deposit

*Must sign up for monthly statements
*** The parents will have to be on the account with the child and they will be responsible for any overdrafts or any fees that may occur.

Debit Cards

When you open your new checking account, you are eligible for a debit card with no monthly fees.** Find an ATM near you.

**Must apply and be accepted to receive a debit card.

Gift Cards

Searching for the perfect present? Is this the right SIZE? COLOR? ITEM? Is this the right GAME? We found it. Visa Gift Cards give the freedom to buy anything, safer than cash, with the convenience of a credit card. You can purchase visa gift cards from $10 to $1000 dollars, and unlike most stores, we don’t charge an activation fee.

  • Incredible time savers – No shopping, wrapping, or mailing.

  • Eliminate the hassles of wondering what to buy or returning unwanted gifts.

  • Can be used anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.

  • More flexible than merchant gift cards.

  • Multiple design options available

Other Services

Other convenient services we offer:

  • Third Party Wires

  • Direct Deposit

  • Western Unions

  • Web Banking

  • Money Orders

  • Notary Services

Youth Club

The Youth Club helps your kid learn good saving habits early in life that can help them as they grow into an adult.

  • For Every $50 Deposited the Credit Union will deposit $1*

  • We offer Report Card Rewards to all our Youth Accounts

  • We offer many interactive activities at the credit union for our youth

  • Earns dividends quarterly

  • Teaches children how to save

  • Have money automatically deducted out of your paycheck

**If you withdraw from the account more then 2 times the incentive program is no longer valid

Vacation Club

You work hard, you deserve a vacation. With the Vacation Club you can start saving for that yearly family vacation or that getaway you always dreamed of. We will help make that happen.

  • No minimum balance required

  • Dividends are paid quarterly

  • Have money automatically deducted out of your paycheck

  • Save the interest that credit cards will charge you

*** Withdraws are limited to one per quarter. There is a fee for any withdrawals that exceed the 4 time per year limit.

Christmas Club

The Christmas Club allows you to start saving for Christmas presents now so you can actually enjoy shopping this year. Don’t wait till the last minute, start saving for Christmas now.

  • No minimum balance required

  • Have money automatically deducted out of your paycheck

  • Make shopping season less stressful

  • Save the interest that credit cards will charge you

***Dividends paid quarterly
***Funds distributed mid-October every year, they are automatically distributed to your savings, checking, or they can remain in the Christmas Club until you want it transferred.
***You are allowed 2 emergency withdraws per a club year with a fee, after that it will close out. If your account would close due to withdraws a new club account can be restarted after maturity.

Share Account

Whether you’re saving for something big or small, we can help you get there. Our savings account provides you with a simple way to save the money you work so hard for.

  • Direct Deposit – For those who want to have all of their money go into their savings account. We’ll take the whole paycheck and have it directly deposited into your account, without the hassle of a paper check.

  • Payroll Deduction – To make saving easier for you, we offer payroll deduction, so you can have a portion of your paycheck deposited straight into your savings account.

*** Financial 1st FCU savings accounts require a $ 5.00 minimum balance.This balance must be maintained in order to be eligible for all other services we offer. The savings accounts earn dividends on balances over $100.00. Dividends are paid quarterly. Our savings accounts are so simple you won’t have to worry about a thing, before you know it, you will have the money saved up for the big things in life you always wanted.